Disturbing The Peace: Independent Clothing Brand ‘FXCK’ Releases Debut Collection

'FXCK' Releases Debut Collection

In more ways than one, the word ‘f*ck’ evokes unease or even discomfort. In a relatively open-minded and mostly conservative society like ours, swearing, no matter how “cool” it makes one feel, is still considered crude, and it’s a brave move to name a clothing brand derivative of a swear word. But veterans of the local independent clothing scene Mcoy (of Markov Clothing) and Doyle (of Killapinas) don’t seem fazed at all. With a friendship that dates back to their high school years formed through their love of punk and hardcore, they created FXCK to apply what they learned from the success (and mistakes) of their respective brands while staying true to their roots. It’s an amalgamation of their aesthetics and roots, a “best of both worlds” if you may.

Their debut collection which was released recently is as provocative as their name implies. Their graphics, as well as text-based designs, reminiscent of 90s angst, seems like a social commentary of sorts. Three tees stand out among the rest. The Youth tee, the United tee, and the Donut Dan tee. But even their logo tee and snapback are a statement on their own.

Is Cebu ready for FXCK? That remains to be seen. But anyone challenging the status quo is definitely a welcome addition to the already growing roster of independent brands in our city. If they stay consistent with their approach to design and stand firm on their provocative branding, they might find themselves having a cult following, similar to what FTP (Fuck the Population), FUCT, and Creep Street has enjoyed over the years.

Check out The First Collection lookbook below and head over to their website to cop their products.
Photos by: Nyor Ken Cuizon and Rj Galgo