Chad Manzo Combines Global Street Culture With Pinoy Pop Culture

The creative genius behind the Sartorial Zone is back and this time, he brings it closer to home.

Chad Manzo, the graphic designer behind ‘The Sartorial Zone, and ‘This is Madness‘ is back with another design series called ‘Salty’. The author describes it as “a commentary on the influence of global street culture in the context of the Filipino.” Today’s technology has made the world smaller due to the fast and easy transfer of information over the internet. It no longer takes months, weeks, or days for any trend in the global community to reach the Philippines. We’re literally tuned-in up to the second to anything that happens around the world, and because of that, our music, fashion, and even media are highly influenced by a mostly western culture. In ‘Salty‘, the designer takes global trends and creatively combines them with things that we Filipinos are familiar with. Part comedic and part social commentary, Chad Manzo uses humor to show how we Filipinos have been so enamored with the global street/pop culture.

Take a look at the humorous and pun-filled renderings below. Which one is your favorite?

All images are courtesy of Chad Manzo.