Bulletproof Comes To Cebu

Hong Kong-based punk-ska band Bulletproof, founded by Cebuano musician Lorenzo “Bai” Rama Nuñez, (the guitarist, and vocals of The Ambassadors), along with bassist Charles Cabellon and drummer Jon Bernard will be bringing their talents to Cebu City. This week will be a busy one as the band will go from one gig to another to promote their sound around the city. Already making a name for themselves in Hong Kong when they joined and became a finalist of the Vans-sponsored Musicians Wanted 2016 competitionthe newly-formed trio is now setting their sights in releasing their first album.

Check out the details below and catch them at the following venues.

April 19 @ 612 Indie

April 20 @ Cafe Racer

April 21 6PM @ Monster BT105.9 (radio)

April 21 9PM @ Azul 

April 22 @ Turtles Nest 

April 23 6PM @ Local Vocal Magic 92.3 (radio)

See posters below for more details.

Bulletproof Cebu Tour

Source: Drunk’N’Sober