Recap | Aerosoul Cebu Graffiti Battle Leg 2

Congratulations to all organizers and sponsors for giving a platform to graffiti artists in Cebu.

Last Saturday’s Aerosoul Graffiti Battle proved that with the right platform and support, graffiti can thrive in Cebu.  It was a treat to everyone in attendance as graffiti artists battled against each other. Ultimately, it was Chinokoy 420 (1647 Crew) who teamed up with Anino (Trap Crew) who won, but in reality, it was a win for the scene and everyone who supports it.

Mad props to the contestants PAYTER, Sam Pipebomb (UBEC Crew), Chinokoy 420 (1647 Crew), and Anino (Trap Crew) for showing your best! Mad love to the guest artists and judges from Manila, Oder of SDFK and Slacsatu of ZNC Singapore for showcasing their talents at Aerosoul. And thank you to all those who came and watched the battle.

We would also like to acknowledge all who made the event a success. To the Ang and Yap family at Escario street for letting Aerosoul use the wall for the event, Belle, DC Graphic Studio & Print House, Create Cebu, Mabuhigh, Do It Paints, Strap, Draven Asia Pacific, Big Eats, Carrot Bombing, Outlines Trading, Island Vibes, HyveCreative, Passion on Ink, Sick In Tattoo, 1647,  and Stroke.

Check out some photos we took at the battle below.

Recap: Aerosoul Leg 2

Recap: Aerosoul Leg 2


Photos by: Matt Blanes and Bait Nicart